The Dark Carnival Has Arrived
Shit Fuck Shit Fuck

So I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism about two years ago. The doc said nothin would happen immediately, so I wrote it off and decided not to take the meds. Well, that was a very bad fuckin idea. Now, if I don’t get the meds for it I could go blind, on top of that I get panic attacks now and cant get outta the house. Found a doc that does house calls, but they want $450 up front, I ain’t got the money and not sure when I will. Sorry for the break from the normal stuff on my blog Fam, just had to put this down somewhere.


Whoop Whoop! MMFWCL! 

Whoop Whoop! MMFWCL! 

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Got pissed at a mothafucker that was talkin shit to my girl, which is what inspired this.

People need to stop talkin their shit

Or they gonna get they fuckin neck slit

People say Im insane

Im not insane just a little bit crazed

Now im standin in ya doorway lookin down in a daze

The room gets colder and starts spinnin

Or is that just me with my hatchet swingin

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Brazilian Mushroom Bong 

Brazilian Mushroom Bong 

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Here’s a song off the Original 6, Straight from The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

Somethin off of CC4

Twiztid (Ft. Boondox) Hold On 2 Me